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Social media app clone (Instagram, Facebook, Linked In etc)

Instagram Clone Features

  1. User Profiles
    • Customizable profile picture, bio, and contact information.
    • Followers and following lists.
  2. Photo and Video Sharing
    • Upload photos and videos with filters and editing tools.
    • Multi-photo posts (carousel).
    • Stories (disappearing photos/videos) with various interactive elements (stickers, polls, etc.).
  3. Feed
    • Personalized feed based on user interests and following.
    • Algorithm-driven content recommendations.
    • Like, comment, and share options.
  4. Direct Messaging
    • Private messaging with text, photos, videos, and voice messages.
    • Group chats.
    • Vanishing messages.
  5. Explore Page
    • Discover content based on user preferences.
    • Trending tags and popular posts.
    • Suggested users to follow.
  6. Notifications
    • Real-time notifications for likes, comments, follows, and mentions.
    • Push notifications for direct messages and story updates.
  7. IGTV & Reels
    • Long-form video content.
    • Short, engaging video clips with music and effects.
  8. Live Streaming
    • Broadcast live videos to followers.
    • Live interactions through comments and likes.
  9. Shopping
    • Integrated e-commerce with product tags in posts and stories.
    • In-app purchases and link-outs to external websites.

Facebook Clone Features

  1. User Profiles
    • Detailed profiles with cover photos, profile pictures, and personal information.
    • Friends list and mutual connections.
  2. News Feed
    • Updates from friends, pages, and groups.
    • Algorithmic and chronological feed options.
  3. Status Updates
    • Text posts, photo/video uploads, and check-ins.
    • Reactions and comments.
  4. Groups
    • Public and private groups based on interests and communities.
    • Group discussions, events, and media sharing.
  5. Events
    • Create, manage, and RSVP to events.
    • Event reminders and updates.
  6. Marketplace
    • Buy and sell items within the community.
    • Product listings with descriptions and prices.
  7. Pages
    • Business and community pages for brands, organizations, and public figures.
    • Page insights and analytics.
  8. Messenger
    • Standalone messaging app with text, voice, and video calls.
    • Group chats and media sharing.
  9. Stories
    • Short-lived posts that disappear after 24 hours.
    • Interactive elements like polls, questions, and filters.
  10. Watch
    • Platform for video content from creators and publishers.
    • Live video streaming and scheduled shows.

LinkedIn Clone Features

  1. User Profiles
    • Professional profiles with work experience, education, and skills.
    • Profile photos and cover images.
  2. Network Building
    • Connect with colleagues, peers, and industry leaders.
    • Follow companies and join professional groups.
  3. Feed
    • Industry news, job updates, and content from connections.
    • Share articles, posts, and multimedia content.
  4. Job Listings
    • Browse job openings by location, industry, and company.
    • Apply directly through the platform.
  5. Messaging
    • Professional direct messaging for networking.
    • InMail for contacting users outside your network.
  6. Groups
    • Join and participate in professional groups.
    • Group discussions and events.
  7. Content Creation
    • Write and publish articles.
    • Share updates, photos, videos, and documents.
  8. Notifications
    • Alerts for connection requests, messages, and content interactions.
    • Job application updates and industry news.
  9. Learning
    • Access to online courses and professional development resources.
    • Certifications and skill assessments.
  10. Analytics
    • Profile and post-performance insights.
    • Job application statistics.

Additional Features for All Platforms

  1. Search Functionality
    • Robust search for finding users, content, and hashtags.
    • Filters for refining search results.
  2. Privacy Settings
    • Customizable privacy controls for profiles and posts.
    • Blocking and reporting tools for user safety.
  3. Ads and Promotions
    • Sponsored posts and targeted advertising options.
    • Insights and analytics for advertisers.
  4. Multi-Language Support
    • Interface and content translation for global reach.
  5. Accessibility Features
    • Screen reader compatibility, high-contrast modes, and text resizing options
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